Scale your tech team more efficiently

Keep your internal team focused on the core and have validated professionals working on demand in your software projects

🔥 80% more efficient. Productive validated devs in up to 3 days

Deliver your software demands more efficiently


Open source/Self-hosted platform and verified devs, ensuring that each task is delivered securely


Innovative algorithm that recommends the price based on the type of demand and skill required


Your tasks delivered by amazing devs and reviewed by experts in our community


We reduce friction in all steps, allowing you to focus only on prioritizing and specifying

Do you have pent-up demands and need developers? The ideal platform for

  • Scaleups

    Companies that are improving the codebase and need to address both hotfixes demands and larger features.

  • Small and medium technology-based companies

    With high demand for bugfixes and development of small features. We are ready to help you!

  • Companies in digital transformation

    Innovation areas that need to address bugfixes and new features more quickly

How it works

Install the platform in your infrastructure, you can create demands, integrate with repositories and our algorithm suggests the ideal reward and the best person to develop the task

Set up in minutes

Install our platform on your infrastructure, integrate your repositories and task management tools

Create the first demands

Create rich specifications from templates (bugfix, feature and refactoring)

We recommend price and dev

Our algorithm recommends an optimal reward value and the most experienced dev

Quality Assurance

Task is reviewed by super experts from our community and reports are generated through static analysis

Code gets validated

We deliver the pull request with all the evidence in your environment

Get the job done

Platform and dev are only rewarded after your team's approval

The best part time work experience for developers

Apply only for microtasks with closed reward value, get the repository with the spec and focus 100% on coding, without meetings and bureaucracy. You get the reward instantly after each task is approved

  • App notifies you about the best tasks
  • Development-ready tasks
  • Instant reward upon approval
  • JustCode model, no customer interaction, focus only on coding
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How do you validate your developers?

We validate the identity of each developer, to make sure he/she isn't a fraud. We use information available on LinkedIn and GitHub for each developer (lines of codes written in each skill on GitHub, and years of experience + companies + seniority on LinkedIn). In addition, every completed task is rated, and we use this information to make the dev score more precise.

How do you handle the developer’s access to customers codebase?

We have a setup process that takes between 2 to 5 days where we remove all sensitive information such as hardcoded credentials, passwords, etc… We don't expose any customer’s repository. The developer who is selected for a task get access to a temporary repository built during the customer setup phase.

How do you ensure safety of data in your platform?
  • 1 - Developer identity validation;
  • 2 - Robust legal instruments (such as NDAs signed with developers);
  • 3 - Data security: we use the best authentication software on the market and the platform is selfhosted and open source. On open source platform security, see more details here. We also use PGP to encrypt the data;
  • 4 - Security checks from tools like Codacy and SonarQube before submitting for customer review, which give a score based on code quality and vulnerabilities.
How do you keep developers from abandoning the task?

We use the score to select the best dev for each task, and we ask about availability and matching skills with the challenge. In addition, we have a checkpoint routine on the platform, where the dev marks updates about the task. In case the dev chooses to give up the task, we select the next recommended developer to continue where the first one left off. If the developer simply abandons the task without any warning, he receives a strike (punishment) on the platform.

How do you deal with problems at the time of development?

We have a setup stage where the customer puts all the product information and context needed to understand what the business is about. In addition, developers can, through the platform, ask for inputs and/or ask questions about the business model/what should be done. The same happens for the company, it can follow the entire development and review process that is happening through the platform. The communication between the company and the developer happens directly through an in-app chat within the platform, anonymizing the developer's data.

How do you select the developer and reviewer for the task?

We validate the skills of the developer and reviewer using lines of codes from GitHub, LinkedIn information, and tasks previously delivered on the platform. In addition, we ask for availability information.

How do you guarantee delivery quality?

All tasks go through a review process by another developer from the bounties4 community to ensure code quality and also that technical requirements are being met. We also have cutting edge analysis tools that generate quality and security reports of what is being delivered. In the end, the client still evaluates the delivery and gives a score, which helps us rate the developers.

What is the customer journey on the platform?

The company installs the selfhosted app on its infrastructure and goes through a setup process in which repositories are connected. In this process the company lists information such as context about the application and basic technical requirements. All this information will be made available through the platform to the developer. The company creates a task by selecting a repository and adding specifications for the task; our algorithm calculates a price and deadline and finds the best developer and reviewer. We provide the necessary repositories for them to work without exposing the infrastructure of the company. At the end, the customer receives a pull request as deliverable, along with the reviewer's analysis of the task and the quality and safety reports generated by the static analysis tools Codacy and Sonarqube.

Does it work for any type of demand?

No, today we support applications that are versionable and hosted in the cloud, in javascript, flutter, PHP, and python.

How does the customer build good specifications?

In the setup phase, they input information about the project context and basic technical requirements to feed the content that is made available to the developer. In addition, we have pre-defined demand templates so that the customer can fill with less efforts. Some demands have the same characteristics, for example… a landing page will always have an input layout, responsiveness, and performance requirements. A bugfix will always have context, evidence and expected behavior. Based on the type of demand, we provide the best template for each task.

How does communication with the developer work?

Developers can, through the platform, ask for inputs and/or ask questions about the business model/what should be done. The same happens for the company, it can follow the entire development and review process and can create issues that are directed for the developer to resolve. The communication between the company and the developer happens directly through an in-app chat on the platform, anonymizing the developer's identity.

How do you charge the companies?

For the first three tasks we don’t charge fees, we charge only the amount being paid for the dev. After companies have tested our solution, they need to choose one of our plans to keep using our platform. They add credits, so our solution is pre-paid. If they don’t use all of the credits, the credits get accumulated.